Do I need to do anything before you come?

sage roof
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Yes, to keep your house and family safe we’ve provided a list of things that we recommend you do before we start working on your roof. Roofing projects can be very noisy and may vibrate some parts of your house. By following our list the roofing process will be easier on your family and your valuables:

  • Valuables on your walls should be removed (picture frames, mirrors etc…).
  • Debri will most likely fall in your attic and sometimes garage, cover items you would like to protect.
  • All exterior valuables should be either covered or away from exterior walls.
  • We will need to place our trailer/dumpster near your house, park on the street the night before.
  • Keep all children and animals away from the construction.
  • If you do not have an exterior outlet please leave an extension cord plugged in, as the crew may need to plug in power tools.
  • Call Integrity Building Solutions at 303-968-9842 if you believe the materials for your home are not the right color, style, etc.
  • Save a wrapper from a bundle of shingles to register your manufacturer warranty. It is your responsibility to register your shingle warranty online. The package will have the necessary information.
  • Be sure to give your project manager any special instructions in writing.

What should I be looking for when I hire a roofing company?

When hiring a Roofer:

  1. Only hire a licensed roofer.
  2. Only hire an Insured roofer.
  3. Only hire a bonded roofer.
  4. Only hire a roofer that is a member of the BBB.
  5. Only hire a roofer that is connected to the community.
  6. Only hire a roofer that lives in your city.

What is the time frame?

  • Inspection (1 hour)
  • Adjusters meeting (1-2 hours)
  • Signed contract (30 minutes)
  • Remove and replace roof (typically 1 day)
  • The total length of the process is typically 1-3 months when dealing with the insurance company.

How long until my roof can be scheduled?

We are typically no more than 2 weeks out from a signed contract to completing your roof.

Why do we put yard signs in?

The sign needs to be placed before the adjuster meeting and all the way through the roof installation, unless prohibited by the HOA. It confirms the right address for delivery drivers and installers. It serves as a “stop sign” to notify other roofers to avoid knocking on your door.

Pre-Construction Checklist

We will have you confirm shingle selection and color. Review any potential upgrades. Your project manager will cover precautions to protect your property and safety rules with you before we begin.


Integrity Roofing and Painting will pull the appropriate permits before the roof replacement begins.

Deliver Materials

Materials will be placed on the roof unless other arrangements have been made.

Protect the Landscaping and Decking

When needed and logistically practical, we will cover landscaping, hot tubs, and decking prior to the removal of the existing roof.

Remove Old Shingles and Felt Paper

Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC will tear off and haul off old shingles, valley metal, drip edge, and rubber boots.

Felt Underlayment

All roofing underlayment is to be installed horizontally. Along the bottom perimeter, the felt paper will be installed over the metal eave. Along the rake edge, the felt paper is installed before the metal eave.

Ice and Water Shield

This is a modified bitumen self adhering and self healing product designed to seal critical areas from water penetrations. It actually swells up and reseals itself around nail penetrations.

Windstorm Starter Strip (there is no comparison)

We upgrade your roof to a windstorm starter strip at no cost to you.

Wall Abutments

Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC installs ice/water shield along walls, chimneys and skylights.

Valley Flashing

We install ice/water shield or metal in the valleys.

Pipe Flashing/Vent Pipes (rubber boots, lead jacks, 3-in-1)

New pipe flashing is installed on the roof.

Shingles Installation

Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC will install preselected shingles according to manufacturer’s instructions and code requirements.

Hip and Ridge Cap

Matching hip and ridge are installed.

Roof Ventilation (ridge vents, soffit vents, turbine vents, etc)

Proper roof ventilation leads to longevity of shingles, while improper roof ventilation decreases life expectancy and can lead to ice dams. Manufacturers’ warranties are voided if the roof is not properly ventilated. This is the ideal time to upgrade your attic ventilation system. The insurance carrier does not pay for upgrades, so this would be an added expense. Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC suggests using a combination of intake and exhaust vents for maximum efficiency.

Roof Jacks

All roof jacks come pre-painted or will be painted to match.

Clean Up

Our roof installers will continue to clean the yard while roof debris is being removed. Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC will deposit debris into our container throughout the entire roof installation. A magnet will be used to pick up nails that are on the ground. We care about your safety and it shows in our attention to details, down to the last ground inspection.


Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC will schedule local enforcement inspections if required by governing building department. We make sure all building code inspections occur at the proper times. Our Master Certified Installer oversees the roof process to ensure code compliance.

Confused about roofing terms?

Check out our helpful glossary of roofing terms here.